3 Alarm Fire in New Cumberland

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At 21:50 on November 14, 2015, West Shore Bureau of Fire, New Cumberland Fire, Camp Hill Fire Company, Fairview Fire, DLA Fire, and Lower Allen Fire Company were alerted to a structure fire in the area of 3rd and Market Streets in the Borough of New Cumberland. Enroute the Police Department advised of a working fire on the 1st block of 3rd Street involving at least two structures. Immediately on arriving on scene Command 10 requested a 2nd Alarm.

Squad 13 (West Shore) and York County Rescue 69 (DLA) were among the first on scene and both laid supply lines into the scene. Engine 10 (New Cumberland), Engine 213 (West Shore), and York County Engine 68 (Fairview) arrived shortly after and sent their crews to work. Initial arriving companies were able to get a quick knock on the exterior fire and were able to limit the spread of the fire in the exposure structures. Inital crews also faced challenges with live power lines that were down in front of the exposure on side D. Truck 10 (New Cumberland) also requested the deactivation of the power grid in order to gain access to the roof of the fire building and exposure which caused them to operate above the power lines running along the alley. PP&L assisted by cutting power to the area allowing crews to operate safely.

After the second alarm companies were in place, a 3rd Alarm was struck due to the amount of manpower needed for overhaul in the structures involved. Units were on scene for 5 hours with overhaul and making sure the fire was completely extinguished in the many voids and crawl spaces in the original fire structure.

Fall Shopping Event

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Join the West Shore Bureau of Fire for a holiday shopping event on November 14th.  Come visit our vendors and get your holiday shopping done before the rush on black Friday!


September 2015 Incident Stats

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Types of Incidents:

  • Automatic Alarm – 7
  • Fuel / Oil – 1
  • Medical Assist – 2
  • Nature/Storm – 1
  • Odor Investigation – 2
  • Rescue – 1
  • Service Call – 1
  • Structure – 8
  • Transfer Assignment – 1
  • Vehicle Accident – 6
  • Vehicle Accident w/ Entrapment – 1
  • Vehicle Fire – 2

Total Incidents: 33
Total personnel on alarms: 301
Average personnel on alarms: 9
Total hours on alarms: 155.75

Volume Trend

  • Sunday: 6
  • Monday: 4
  • Tuesday: 5
  • Wednesday: 3
  • Thursday: 4
  • Friday: 9
  • Saturday: 2

Total training sessions for month: 5
Total personnel at training: 71
Total hours at training: 196

Smoke in the Park

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